September 23, 2023
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3 Ways Flyvheel Is Reducing Time To Hire By Upto 70%

While the recruiter profile can be full of power at times, but let’s (just for a moment) face the reality, on a scale of 1-10 how tedious it gets down the lane? Ah, you can’t say 11, apologies.

Hey Recruiters, Rejoice! A handy tool here to save your brain from draining! 

Flyvheel’s recruiting systems simplify various aspects of bulk-hiring by transforming the entire process with merely three ways. Wondering how? As we said, Flyvheel got your back. 

  1. Fast Lead generation using multiple job boards and in-house database

Looking for a candidate who has highly coveted qualities can sometimes be baffling and time-consuming for the recruiters, but wait… Flyvheel’s automated systems are here to complete this process in the nick of time. The hiring process gets smoother with portal integration provided by the company connecting multiple hiring platforms like Naukri, Linkedin, and Monster. The company offers an in-house database for a smoother journey towards swift and successful hiring.

Automation of the hiring process also enhances the candidate’s outreach. The automation tools reduce the hiring time as they can be easily integrated with AI-based Omni-Channel Communicator like WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS, and IVR. Plus, it can be integrated into the company’s existing system. These tools are designed to find time slots automatically. 

2.  Competency blueprint for the recruiters to enable trouble-free hiring 

The hiring process can be extensive, picking one out of the crowd can be… what? A headache? Well.. we got a relief point. Flyvheel offers competency blueprints of worthy candidates in order to work in accordance with the hiring parameters. Spending hours over going through hundreds of profiles each day can be now loaded off your shoulders with resume parsing, right?
Hold on, the services don’t end here. We got a lot to offer like RAAS (Recruitment As A Service) where highly professional freelance recruiters mend your way by choosing the eligible ones for you, why? So your recruiters can put the required efforts where they are needed, that is, indulging only with the screened candidates.

Most importantly, you won’t be having candidates troubling you with “how much more waiting?” A big relief, yeah!

3.  One-Way Video Interviews For Creating Short Video Profiles That Helps Save Time Of Recruiters

Have you ever been in a long video call and felt like breaking the screen? Flyvheel provides one-way video interviews to create short video profiles of candidates. This will shorten the hiring funnel. All you have to do is, check the short video profiles, shortlist the candidates, and proceed to the next round of hiring. Plus, it allows them to interview the candidates anytime, anywhere.  

Recruiters, endless opportunities await you!  Hop on to something exciting! At last, you are saved from the haunting of interview room walls.

Let us say there are 2 companies planning for a recruitment drive. Company A has a tedious process whereas company B works with Flyvheel for a time-saving hiring process. Which company would attract a better number of candidates? Ah… right, company B!

Be like company B. Company B is smart.

Flyvheel provides process like integrated online assessments, automated interviews with recordings, one-click access to video recording, and many more. This would help to shortlist the candidates by a quick evaluation and will save the recruiter’s time.

Flyvheel is a solution that uses technology with a human touch to make recruitment efficient. Thus, expert recruiters use Flyvheel’s robotic process automation, which helps in filtering out the right candidates easier and faster. Flyvheel’s automated recruitment allows experts to enhance their strategic skills which can be invested in workplace planning and proactive hiring. It’s a win-win situation for both recruiters and the organisation. Flyvheel has turned out to be a recruiters’ favourite tool, and for a reason. 

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