September 23, 2023
Fast Sales Hiring

3 ways technology is making sales hiring faster & more accurate

A catalyst to the success of an organization – A salesman!

One in every eight people is a salesman in the USA. One can only imagine the gravity of sales opening in populous countries like India. Thus, sales hiring is one of the most pivotal tasks of all. 

With technology taking a 360 turn, hiring salesmen is now easier than ever. The likes of recruitment automation have made hiring processes as smooth as scotch and soda. Allow us to shed some light on three ways technology is making sales hiring faster, smarter and accurate. 

  1. Evaluate mock sales pitch through one-way video interview (Listen. Replay. Select.)  

A Salesman with a convincing attitude and business acumen is hard to come by. However, technology has made the search for these gems easier. 

One-way video interview, a facility where the interviewer can ask the candidate to prepare a mock sale pitch in real-time is for real. A recruiter can gauge a candidate’s potential through this tech-invention, thus reducing the selection process time.

Via this feature, a recruiter is freed to see the video and replay for assessment as many times he/she wishes to. On the flip side, it gives the candidate a unique experience to be at ease, play to his/her strengths and go beyond the traditional methods of video or phone calls.

2. Assess with the assignment (Real-world situations)

Hiring a sales personnel demands filtering, evaluating, matching their vibe and work, and evaluating basic communication skills.

To assess all the required qualities and abilities, technology has turned out to be the biggest blessing. You can give an assignment to the candidates, have them prepare and record it for evaluation purposes, and save resources for better outcomes.

These pre-recorded videos allow you to go beyond a candidate’s persona and CV. You can gauge motivation, smartness, personality, and responsiveness by their body language and how they conduct themselves in a tricky situation. Also, it gives you an edge to evaluate their client handling and object handling skills in order to make your final decision. 

When it comes to selecting the best, you can’t read the skills. It requires a visible effort to evaluate. So, hire sales candidates with their best performance. 

3. Use Flyvheel’s Expert Assessor feature 

Reducing the cost-per-hire is a dream for most hiring managers and organizations. Well, no more! Accelerate the time-to-fill process, hire candidates in an easy-peasy-squeezy way and get the best for your team. 

We’ll give you the recipe for a perfect hiring process. Give a try to Flyvheel’s expert panels. These panels comprise the sales, marketing, technology and other leaders from top-notch leading firms to support your evaluation and give you tips that matter.

Reach out the Best Talent in lesser time 

Digitalisation has broadened up the innovative approaches for hiring. It opens up the frontiers for both recruiters and candidates to hire and get selected with the best skills and acumen. Talent searches are no more local. With one-way video interviews, they have reached International borders and gone beyond comprehensions. Integrate the best tech to save an extra buck that may allow you to give an even lavish annual party next year!

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