September 23, 2023
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3 ways to ensure that the best candidates want to join you

For every position, almost 1000 candidates are fighting to get hired! As insane as it might sound, this is a fact.

In today’s world, there is no lack of applicants for almost every position. HR teams tend to find the best job candidate if the hiring process is right. Though the possibility of winding up recruiting the wrong candidate is always there. 

And to be honest, the best candidate doesn’t appear out of thin air. The hiring process can be tedious and time taking, but the resulting candidate can upscale the prospects for the company, especially for a startup. But the otherwise can trigger a whole series of negative consequences. A wrong person can turn out to be lazy, unqualified and may have a bad influence in the workplace.  

The startup or the organization must know about hiring best practices before looking for the right candidate. It has also been seen that startups often face initial troubles while hiring high-quality candidates. Though, startup hiring is also opening doors to graduate students and doing its bit in curbing unemployment in a country like India.

How should companies pitch themselves to the candidates?

If you’re a recruiter (we mean you have to be, that’s why you ended up finding this article!) and looking out for that perfect candidate, continue reading ahead. We will discuss 3 possible practices which companies can follow to ensure the best candidates join them.

  1. Construct an Attractive Company Profile

Create your own attractive profile: Bring the vision out, introduce the founders and leadership, talk about the impact and big things. 

A recruiter should also state the company’s work culture, work-life balance in the company and the perks the candidates are entitled to. 

Talk about perks: Believe us when we say, work hours aren’t all job seekers look for in the profile. Perks can be anything and everything that can make a good employee stay and bring in brilliant team players. 

Recruiters can lure in good applicants by highlighting company perks could be health insurance, weekly offs, team outings, bonuses and allowances, family holidays and office space.

Candidates look for those companies where their personal life doesn’t suffer due to work pressure. This is where perks can be a relief to the employees. 

  1. Create JD in Short & Crisp Manner 
  • Let your job description be the dart, and the candidate be your target. As in the game, of the dart, one requires precision and accuracy the same happens in job descriptions. 
  • The recruiter should be well precise and crisp with the company’s vision & job requirements and communicate the same with the candidates. 
  • Job aspirants search for clarity in job descriptions such as job profile, about the company, pay scale offered, and the opportunities a job has to offer. 
  • Create your own JD and don’t copy-paste from elsewhere. Keep the JD short and crisp, and inflow. 

And always remember there is a right description to attract the right candidate for the job. 

Source: Freepik

  1. Convey growth opportunities

Stating only perks and rewards won’t fetch recruiters the desired candidates. Conveying candidates about exponential opportunities and sky-rocket growth they can achieve by working directly with the leaders will do the trick. Tell candidates how they can unlock their growth along with the company’s growth.

Exponential opportunities could include offering candidates the right tools and professional training from the top leader. Present them with regular training on their soft skills that could include problem-solving technique, emotional control and purpose. This builds meaningful culture within the organization and helps employees flourish. Any organization benefiting employees growth and development opportunities means much happier, engaged and healthy employees. And will attract the same pool of candidates to join the company.


Thus, hiring the right candidate for the right job is quite a task in itself. With the tips given above, a company might not only find what it is looking for but also, minimize the recruitment process. And avoid any bubble gum stretch hiring process or risk competitor sweeping away your perfect recruit.  

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