September 23, 2023

5 Ways Technology is changing the way companies hire

Recruitment while it sounds trivial is a multi-layered process. Every stage of the process has scope for advancements and improvements using technology.

For the past several years, technology in recruitment has been confined to online job boards/portals. The recent surfacing of Artificial Intelligence, or AI-powered automated recruiting platforms has stimulated a revolutionary change in the hiring of recruits by companies. The new recruitment automation tools facilitate quick and effective hiring decision-making by HR professionals, and streamline recruitment processes to hire the best talent for the companies.


Technology has allowed many to apply for jobs they wouldn’t have got access to before. Job Boards such as NaukriMonsterShine contain tons of applicant and jobs data for people to use.

While the problem of job and applicant search was solved decades back by these job boards, the new technological interventions in Search have come in the form of AI- driven Smart Search and Resume Parsing to sort relevant resumes by using keywords as per the respective Job Descriptions.

AI-driven smart online search provides a list of competent candidates as per the search request of the recruiters. Many machine-learned mechanisms rank the candidates in multiple stages based on some key criteria. Resume Parser is an AI-based filter that scrutinises resumes, and intelligently filters away non-relevant/ineligible candidates. This aids in quick and easy searching, screening, and selection of qualified/eligible candidates from the resume database.


The automated recruitment platforms screen the resumes to select the most suitable candidate for the vacant job position. Recruiters analyze the short video profiles of the candidates answering predefined interview questions, and conduct AI-powered technology to study their facial expressions and body language. These integrated Video Assessments/One Way Video Interviews help in assessing their personality traits (such as communication and presentation skills) and provides seamless screening of recruits for the final interview. These help avoid many a mistake that recruiters can make while hiring.


Today’s innovative technology offers brain-mapping tools to conduct pre-hiring/pre-employment assessment tests of potential candidates to assess their knowledge and skills. Coding tests for tech roles or aptitude tests for customer-oriented positions are a few examples where recruiters set up a series of multiple-choice questions, and send chatbot questionnaires to candidates to gauge their soft and technical skills.

Interventions like these help in doing a first round of filtration for candidates in case your jo posting gets tonnes of applicants.

Omni Channel Communicator

Did someone say Fastest Finger First?

While there is no dearth of jobseekers, high fitment candidates for your firm/role will always be short in demand and tough to find.

Headhunters know the value of reaching out to candidates quickly as often the best candidates are approached my multiple companies simultaneously.

Reaching out to candidates one by one, pitching the job and then coordinating for interviews can be a super cumbersome process, and that’s where recruitment automation comes into picture.

AI-enabled recruitment automation processes have enabled omni-channel communication, whereby the companies can now use many channels concurrently to hunt and attract eligible candidates. The multi-channel sourcing technology offers a ‘one-click job posting’ feature- wherein recruiters can post complete details about the job on multiple online platforms (job boards, vendors, referral, and social network sites) with a single click. It helps in reaching out to multiple qualified candidates simultaneously without geographical restrictions.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS, a software application, enables electronic tracking/handling of job applications. With the advancement in technology, some of the best applicant tracking software and talent management software is available to the recruiters that are aligned with the ATS to filter, organize, and streamline job applications. The automated templates in ATS help in swiftly searching/tracking the applicants based on their qualifications, skills, and experience, as mentioned in their resumes. These systems narrow-down a pile of resumes to the one best-fit applicant to fill in the vacant post in an easy, quick, and cost-effective manner.

To conclude, AI-driven recruitment platforms provide recruitment automation tools that enable hiring professionals to search, screen, and assess the candidates. The smart AI technology has streamlined systems to help the recruiters in attracting quality candidates and speeding up the recruitment process.

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