September 23, 2023

Are resumes still the best way to evaluate profiles?

An efficient team is a prerequisite for establishing a successful enterprise. However, you cannot find dedicated, hardworking, and responsible employees effortlessly. You go through a strenuous process of selecting the best resume, spend time reviewing the profile, schedule an interview only to realise that the candidate does not fit your job requirement.

How do you avoid making mistakes like these and more mistakes during the hiring process?

So what is the best way to select a candidate?

Well, we all need to stay aligned with the technological expansion in the hiring process. Innovative technologies of one-way video interview platforms will simplify the hiring process and make it more effective.

Manual Resumes v/sOne-Way Video Interviews

  • Efficient hiring process: The candidate creates a short video profile/video resume that provides to the point answers to all the recruiter’s queries. But a resume might not answer all your questions; it can again keep you in a dilemma, to either call the candidate for an interview and ask the other questions or to skip the profile. A lot of time and hard work goes in vain if you call the candidate and get the wrong answer. To avoid any such confusion, a one-way video interview can bring you the candidates that fit the best for the job position, making your hiring process more efficient.
  • High-tech procedure: Today’s employees must be tech-savvy; they must be aware of the technological advancements in Human Resources Technology. The process of recorded video interviews will give you a glimpse of their flexibility in using technology for their professional profiles. This process will also strengthen your employer brand as you opt for the optimum technique for selecting employees.
  • No location constraints: The pandemic has compelled employees and employers to work from home. But does it mean that you have to stop recruiting top professionals? The video interview platform will enrich your search for the perfect candidates. Geographical boundaries cannot limit your hunt for the best-fit candidate. It is beneficial for the candidates, too, to portray their talent through a Video resume.

Why should you opt for a one-way video interview?

  • It will save you an enormous amount of time to focus on the deserving candidates and eliminate low fitment profiles.
  • Interviewing is not only time-consuming but is also an expensive process. The recorded video interview reduces the cost to hire as you can evaluate the profiles remotely at your convenience.
  • You can speed up your hiring process without compromising the quality of the hiring process. The short video profile will provide all the answers in just a few minutes, which will enhance the speed and quality of recruiting.
  • Resumes often don’t communicate strengths of a candidate as well as a short Video Resume does. You can get more insights into a candidate’s skill sets very easily by using Short Videos generated by Flyvheel with job relevant questions.

The One-Way Video Interview platform will provide a deeper insight into the candidate’s profile, which is impossible by skimming through the resume. The One-Way Video Interview is one of the fastest growing methods to make hiring faster, easier, and cost-effective hiring process for both the candidate and the employer and is very quickly becoming a must have for hiring.

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