December 9, 2023

Finding the Right Job Consultancy in 2023 – A Guide

Finding the right job consultancy to help you hire the best candidates can be tricky. But
with this guide, you’ll learn how to locate and hire the ideal job consultancy near you
that will give you the assistance and guidance you need in your search for the best

  1. Identify Your Needs.
    Before you begin your search for a job consultancy, it’s important to identify your needs.
    Do you need help with defining job descriptions or just finding candidates? Do you need
    help with interview scheduling? Knowing precisely what kind of help is necessary will
    make the process of locating and hiring a job consultant easier. You can use this
    information to ask potential consultants about their experience and specialty, so that
    you know whether they are the right person for the job.
    More specifically, ask the job consultant if they have experience in the field you are
    hiring for, as this will indicate whether they understand your unique skillset and industry
    jargon. It is also important to enquire what services they provide and how long have
    they been in business. Understanding their level of expertise will help ensure you find
    the most qualified job consultancy that can help you get your dream job. Also check if
    they have expertise in hiring in your geography, e.g. Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc.
    Once you have identified your needs, you can begin searching for a job consultancies
    near you. Additionally, friends, colleagues, or family members may be able to give
    recommendations as well. When considering various job consultancies, contact them
    with any questions or concerns to ensure they are the right ones for the job. Reading
    online reviews or customer testimonials on their sites can also provide further insight
    into their level of customer service before signing a commitment to hiring them. Once
    you have narrowed down your list to the best fit consultancies, request an in-person
    meeting where you can discuss your hiring requirements and get a better idea of their
    services and costs.
  1. Create a Job Consultancy Profile
    Once you know what kind of job consultancy you need, it’s time to make a list of all
    positions that you need to hire for.
    Categorize them on the basis of industries and functions. Then make a list of all
    companies that you can find potential candidates in.
    For. e.g.: while hiring for a Java Developer for a Fintech client, make a list of all Fintech
    companies that your hiring manager is keen to hire from.
    Detail the job experience and expertise you’re looking for, capturing competencies and
    skills required. This will help you identify potential consultants who match your unique
    skills and requirements. Be sure to also include any special requests that might be
    necessary – including remote work, specific hours or availability, language proficiency
    and more.
    Creating a job consultant profile is a critical step in finding the right fit for your needs.
    When hunting for a consultant, it’s important to be as specific as possible. Highlight any
    criteria that you may need, such as headhunting, finding remote candidates, interview
    scheduling, payrolling etc. The more specific you are when describing your
    requirements, the easier it will be to search for consultants near you to match your
    requirements. Take time to be thorough and detail-oriented in order to make sure you
    find the best candidate for the role.
  1. Research and Create a Shortlist of Prospective Job Consultants
    Take your time to learn more about different job consultants. Review their websites,
    read online reviews from previous clients and network with friends who may have had a
    positive experience with a consultant they can recommend. You can also search for
    industry organizations offering reviews about the clients that your consultant has
    worked for. Once you’ve researched job consultants thoroughly, create a shortlist of
    interested consultants who meet your criteria—both professional experience-wise and
    financially. Find your friends in the recruitment, talent acquisition and HR space and ask
    them for recommendations.
    In India, most job consultants specialize in either white collared or blue collared roles.
    Make sure the job consultant’s expertise is aligned as per your requirements.
    Some of the top job consultancies in India are Michael Page, ABC Consultants, for white collared roles.
    For blue collared roles, Team Lease and Quess Corp are the largest job consultancies.

4. Interview Prospective Job Consultants to Find the Right Match
After creating your shortlist of prospective job consultants, it’s time to take things a step
further. Ask to speak with them by phone or in person so you can find out more about
how they work and if they are a good fit for you. Even if the consultant has an
impressive track record, it doesn’t always translate into what you need—so be sure to
ask critical questions during the interview process that help you get an idea of their
personality, style, and abilities before scheduling an introductory consultation.
Interview and Evaluate the Job Consultantcies that you’re interested In. The best way to
figure out which job consultant is the best fit for you is by meeting with them and asking
questions. Prepare a list of questions beforehand that are relevant to your industry,
recruiting goals, budget and timeframe expectations. Asking about their experience in
helping companies like yours find qualified professionals quickly and on-budget is also
important. It can be helpful to ask how they prefer to communicate: during business
hours, after hours or weekends? Also, inquire what hiring platforms they use to find
candidates as well as potential availability should you decide to hire them on an ongoing
basis. Finally, make sure you understand the fees structure before signing a contract so
that there are no surprises along the way.
Ask them about the clients that they have worked for, and the number of positions that
they have closed. Ask them more details such as salary levels at which they have closed

Always evaluate if they are understanding your role or not. Ask them to share 1-2
sample profiles when they start. Ask them how they will screen candidates for your role
and which are the channels that they will hire from.
An experienced job consultant will bring their industry knowledge and expertise to the
table. By understanding your needs, goals, and expectations for a hire, a job consultant
will be able to suggest qualified candidates tailored to your requirements. They can also
utilize which job portal will suit you to ensure your open job reaches the best applicants
possible. As part of their services, the job consultant should always provide you with
detailed feedback and analysis concerning applications or interviews.

  1. Finalize Contractual Obligations and Get Started with Hiring Campaign
    After selecting the job consultant most suited for your needs, it’s time to finalize any
    contractual obligations and move ahead with their consulting services. Usually, these
    contracts outline expectations, fees, deadlines, and other terms for working together
    The typical hiring commission in India ranges between 7% to 10%, depending on the
    role. Most white collared roles are operated at 8.33%. For blue collared roles there is a
    staffing/payrolling expense as well.

Make sure you’re clear about the retention period and the same is clearly mentioned in
the contract. Typically, for white collared roles the retention period ranges between 60
and 90 days. Job consultancies give a free replacement in case the candidate leaves
within the retention period.
Be sure to read through the contract thoroughly before signing anything. Once you are
both agreed upon the terms, you can get your candidate search underway with your
new partner in tow!
Additionally, you will want to set expectations around the payment process. Most job
consultants require payment once the candidate joins your company. You may also need
to agree on a fee or retainer amount prior to working together or shortly after starting
their services.
Not sure how much consulting fees you should pay? Research what other companies are
paying in your area and get quotes from multiple consultants until you find the rate that
fits best for your organization’s budget. Lastly, make sure to keep records of all invoices
and payments to stay organized throughout your partnership.

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