December 9, 2023

Five common problems faced by startups while hiring

What is it like to have a sugar-free besan ladoo? Eh, even the thought of it is not pleasing enough. Similarly, what is it like to have a company without efficient employees? 

Employees of a company are the bricks of the building, the artists who convert the imagination to a wide reality, and the fuel through which the company runs. As easy as it sounds to build a startup just by hiring employees, there are multiple challenges that come in its execution journey. 

And while they are forming up a vague list with numerous unsolved muddles, let us familiarise you with the five main problems faced by the startups while hiring.

Let’s begin the show, shall we?

Challenge 1: Best ones, where are you?

Although, while considering the importance of “employees”, a lot of companies tend to choose the good ones since the best ones are far from their reach. Oh, don’t judge us! We are here to give you a perspective only. It majorly happens due to some of the following reasons:

  • Salary and incentives: Often, start-up companies fail to meet the salary and/or incentive demands of the ‘best’ employees they are looking for. So, to conquer such a dilemma, negotiations take place, or the company ends up compromising their extra sum.
  • Name & fame: The ‘best’ ones usually tend to incline towards the companies with a brand name and popularity. Although it’s none of the company’s fault, time heals this challenge with suitable marketing techniques.

However, one can make a purse out of a sow’s ear with the right conditions!

Challenge 2: Over-supply of candidates! (Gate crash!!!)

Well, the actual game begins when there’s a queue equivalent to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station at 7 p.m., ah! Yes, the recruitment process, especially startup hiring, is as cumbersome as that queue! 

Well, it is a task to handle the wholesome crowd and pick some out for your company, isn’t it? While managing the queue, the focus often shifts from selecting the perfect one for the job to finding the perfect one amongst the all.

The only way to work on this is by scaling up the criteria and focus on quality over quantity, which brings us to the next challenge!

Challenge 3: Small family, tiny teams.

Imagine (Yes, we insist you imagine) being a team of five, handling the wholesome crowd who wish to be a part of the startup, your startup (YESS!).

Keeping in mind the hiring process and teamwork simultaneously in mind, how would it be like going through the numerous applications, writing the job descriptions, and analysing suitable candidates? Aren’t you already tired of imagining? Because we are!

Modern technologies can be (or you may say, must be) taken into consideration. They not only aid in creating parameters but synchronises the whole process amongst the team members and the candidates.

Challenge 4: Ah, expenses! 

It is a task when it comes to a hiring platform of a startup. During the initial stages, a lot of responsibilities are laid upon the tiny team. Every action requires the intervention of almost all the members to ensure the stability and efficiency of the company. 

Not only that, the hiring process in the initial stage is not cost-effective either. The initial stage of a startup usually demands investments in infrastructure, machines and equipment, and procurement of the basic business essentials. 

The heavy outflow of the sum intensifies the pressure to work on the tasks as early as possible, thus, creating a hustle.

Due to the lack of experience on the hiring platform, the team tries to reduce as much risk as possible. In a lot of cases, consultants are hired to guide and help during the process. 

While everything stays under control, the budget usually slips away. A consultant charges more than that of the employee’s one month salary.

Challenge 5: Oh, wait, where are they going?

To put a cherry on this experimental cake, even after spending a whole lot of money and time over the hiring process, a lot of candidates leave the company unattended or partially attended. 

That is, either some of them fail to join or leave during the initial stage.

This usually happens either when a person applies out of no serious intentions to ever join (or out of boredom) or when some better company [uh-huh, company which is paying better, ref. Challenge 1 yet again!

Another issue that is commonly faced is that with a tiny team, it gets hard to indulge in fast hiring, making the candidates restless, which results in leaving us alone. [bye bye 🙁 ]

Thus, the experimental cake called “a startup” requires a gamut of ingredients to make it a successful recipe (and maybe some foreign, out of the pantry ingredients!).


There’s one thing we can alleviate for you; recruitment turn-around time and onboarding candidates that best suit your organization. How? With an efficient team of HR experts in our army, a teaspoon of productivity packed with flexibility and of course, modern technology. 

Schedule interviews or integrate hiring portals such as Naukri or LinkedIn or others like a pro with Flyvheel’s AI-based recruitment tools. Shoo away all the challenges, be it shortlisting the wiser candidates, creating a team, cutting the expense, or managing the oversupply of candidates, with Flyvheel on your journey to attain success in the business.

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